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International Litigation

Many domestic companies are becoming involved in disputes overseas with the increase of overseas corporate and exporting activities.  Such international dispute matters can only be resolved through litigation if they cannot be resolved through mutual agreement or arbitration.  However, unless there exists an agency that offers uniform solutions for dispute matters, one can only depend on litigation that is instigated in a certain state in order to realize one’s right.
Therefore, the choice of law and jurisdiction are the two important issues in cross-border disputes, as well as the execution of a decision in another country.
Our litigators with extensive experience and knowledge in relation to international transactions frequently work with renowned overseas law firms to provide advice to clients on litigation strategies and obtaining evidence for international or cross-border litigation matters. We also effectively carry out litigation in Korea on behalf of foreign companies and can assist in conducting litigation in overseas countries on behalf of Korean companies.  We also advise on approval/execution of decisions rendered overseas in Korea and on execution of Korean decisions in overseas countries.

  • Defense against anti-dumping suit (instigated by U.S. companies G and F against company H)
  • Representing and advising in a suit and negotiations between JP Morgan and Korean domestic financial institutions with regard to Thai Baht-linked derivatives
  • Representing and advising Semi-Materials in a U.S. federal court case with regard to sale and purchase of polysilicon against MEMC
  • Advising Exxon Mobile in a U.S. lawsuit between Exxon Mobile and a Korean company with regard to product defects
  • Advising Nissho Iwai, a Japanese trading company, in a U.S. lawsuit between Nissho Iwai and a Korean company with regard to letter of credit
  • Advising Broadcom Corporation in a U.S. lawsuit between Broadcom Corporation and Qualcomm Inc.
  • Advising Skyhook Wireless Inc. in a U.S. lawsuit between Skyhook Wireless Inc. and Google Inc.
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