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United States

Conflicts of laws issues as well as many other issues, including patent disputes, are on a rise with an increasing number of Korean companies becoming involved in global business transactions.  In response to such trend, we operate a team of U.S. experts, including U.S. attorneys, who are familiar with both cultures and languages as well as have extensive experience in dealing with many number of major international cases, including the case between Semi-Materials and MEMC regarding polysilicon purchase agreement, case in which Wal-Mart acquired Korea Macro to enter the Korean market, and settlement procedures and lawsuits instigated simultaneously in Korea and the U.S. between JP Morgan and several Korean financial institutions.  Based on such expertise and in-depth experience of our professionals, we provide the best possible legal services to U.S. clients doing business in Korea as well as Korean clients involved in U.S.-related business.

  • Advising in a case between Trinus Systems Inc. and a U.S. defense contractor with regard to the International Trade Commission’s import ban
  • Advising in numerous cases with regard to joint ventures, strategic alliances, licensing and distribution between Korean companies and foreign companies
  • Advising on the distribution agreement between Orion Corp. and The Hershey Company
  • Advising Semi-Materials on a U.S. federal court case against MEMC with regard to an agreement for the sale and purchase of polysilicon
  • Defense against anti-dumping suit (instigated by U.S. companies G and F against company H)
  • Advising Exxon Mobile in a U.S. lawsuit between Exxon Mobile and a Korean company with regard to product defects
  • Advising Nissho Iwai, a Japanese trading company, in a U.S. lawsuit between Nissho Iwai and a Korean company with regard to letter of credit
  • Advising Broadcom Corporation in a U.S. lawsuit between Broadcom Corporation and Qualcomm Inc.
  • Advising Skyhook Wireless Inc. in a U.S. lawsuit between Skyhook Wireless Inc. and Google Inc.
  • Advising in lawsuits and settlement procedures instigated simultaneously in the courts of Korea and the U.S. between JP Morgan and several Korean financial institutions with regard to derivatives
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